Margherita is at Rainbow Bridge

Margherita Dulcedo Reeves Fidler ❤️ November 27, 1995 – August 9, 2016
“Grief is the price we pay for love.” – Margaret Anne Yost

It was time for us to finally say farewell to our little Margherita today. She was peacefully sent to Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. In her 20 years, 9 months, she totally overcame Diabetes and Hyperthyroidism, and persevered with Hypertension, IBS, Arthritis, and Cataracts. She was a tooth chipper and a fighter. However, she could not overcome the one disease that would eventually take her life, Chronic Renal Failure. The actress, Jean Harlow, died of the same ailment in 1937.

Margherita had battled Diabetes after a UTI was found in 2005, and became diet-controlled a couple years later. She was later diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, and we had her irradiated, which totally worked. A few years after that, around 2012, she was diagnosed with CKD. She battled CKD since that time, and most recently severe Kidney Stones, Anemia, and high Phosphorus levels. Finally, she was just too tired to go on. I had her on every medication for every symptom of CKD, but nothing worked anymore. Even the Sub-Q fluids ran right though her. I just couldn’t take watching her deteriorate. This week, she could barely walk, and was terribly incontinent. She would not even lay on me anymore. Today was one of the toughest days of my life, considering that I have had her for most of my adult life. The pain is great, and I find myself crying at intervals throughout the day, and even sobbing at times. I wish so much that I could have fixed Margherita. I am hoping that I can regroup a bit tomorrow, as we have another senior kitty, Sambuca, that needs my attention.

The pain is palpable and I am completely crushed. I never thought I would hurt this much. It is so hard to bear. People may think I am crazy to be so distraught over the death of an animal, but Margherita was with me for most of my adult life. She was 3 months shy of being 21 years old. Others would come and go, but she was always there. She comforted me through my divorce in 1997. She supported me when I went to Graduate school in 2002. She rejoiced to see me finally find Chris, my soul mate, in 2006 and our subsequent marriage in 2009. They became the best of pals. She endured many health issues of her own without complaining. She was there through a few of my own health issues, as well; always purring. I loved her so much. We had a special connection of unconditional love that could not be explained. Chris always said that she would just shut down when I wasn’t around, and light up upon my return. I hope her last days were without much suffering, as I wanted to do right by her, but she did hide her pain well. Sometimes the guilt is overwhelming, as I wonder if I did everything I could have for her. I realize that she is no longer suffering, now that she is at Rainbow Bridge. I just wish I could hold her and hear her soft meow just once more…

Goodbye, my Rita baby, fly free and without pain. We love you so much, and you will be forever in our hearts. Say hello to Bacardi for us. In time, we shall see you again on the other side.