Stressed out, but marching on…

Feline Diabetes I have decided to get the One Touch UltraSmart Blood Glucose Meter, after reading all of the pros and cons through various sources. I have ordered one through Diabetic Express since they seem to have the best prices.

The July special is $29.99 plus additional rebates. I also got a great deal on the testing strips on eBay.

Unfortunately, I will have to wait a few days to receive my orders, which leaves some doubt time for Margherita’s home numbers. However, I will be home enough to check up on her this week. I have also had to work late the last couple of nights, and she has missed her PM dose which worries me a bit. The vet said that it should be no problem, though. I certainly hope so.

BID (2 times a day) dosing is getting the best of me too… I just started last week and it has been difficult to get the schedule down. I work several jobs, and at odd hours, as well. However, I have noticed that Margherita’s disposition has improved dramatically in the last week… So, I will make it work.